Tuesday, February 19, 2013

There are Rasmussens in My Family Tree

Mads Peter Rasmussen
My great grandfather is Mads Peter Rasmussen.  Are you related to him, too?  If so, please leave a comment or email me at cheya@ubtanet.com and let's share information and pictures.

Mads Peter Rasmussen is my great grandfather.  He was born Oct 8, 1836 in Tillerup, Randers, Denmark to Rasmus Sorensen and Mettie Katrina Pedersen.

Peter, as he was called by his family, was the 3rd child of a family of five.  There were four boys and one girl:  Soren (who died as an infant), Soren, Mads Peter, Ane Katrine, and Laurs.

On March 27, 1857 Peter was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He set sail for America as First Mate on the ship "William Tapscott" that sailed from Liverpool, England on Apr 11, 1859.

On board ship he married Karen Petersen.  They are the parents of Laura, Peter, Mary Catherine, George Henry, Joseph, and Margaret.  Karen left Peter before the twins, Joseph & Margaret, were born.  They were later divorced.

Peter married Anna Gertude Claesson (Annie) Jan 25, 1870.  They moved to Monpelier, Idaho.  They are the parents of Annie Maria, Amanda, Albertina, Albert, Amos, and Agnes.

Peter married Anna Marie (Mary) Peterson Ahlgren on Nov 24, 1877.  They are the parents of John Augustus, David William, Alma, Emily Wilheminia, Willard Fredrick, Elizabeth Fredricka, and Alice.

In 1883, Peter and his two wives, Annie & Mary, moved to Vernal, Utah due to Peter's bad heart and fheumatism.  The twins, Willard & Lizzie, were only a month old.

Peter died on July 24, 1887 at the age of 51 years.

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